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Kevin Yang


Stanford University

B.S. Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence Track

2019 Graduation




Include.ai is creating a personalized web assistant that can help automate complex, repetitive, and mundane tasks on the web. Visit us at include.ai!

Sept. 2018 - Present



Inaugural Fellow. Working with Olivia Wang to create a new ecosystem for talented student entrepreneurs and connecting them to cross-border investment opportunities

Research Analyst

Worked on evaluating business plans, meeting with founders, managing portfolio companies, and analyzing feasibility of companies working in the spaces: AI, NLP, Space Infrastructure, Construction and Blockchain.

Oct. 2016 - Present


AI Design Engineer (AML & FAIR)

Work alongside AML & FAIR scientists and engineers taking broad, conceptual breakthrough ideas and turning them into something human and meaningful. Top 1% of interns in class.

Tech: Python, HTML/JS/CSS Tensorflow JS PyTorch

June. 2018 - Sept. 2018



Founded and developed LibraryLyna - a service that helps blind students obtain access to 3D printed educational material. Partnered with Lumi industries to create software that creates 3D printed braille models. Published in Pearson Textbook: "Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education."

Tech: CAD (OnShape, SolidWorks), Rails, Python, HTML/JS/CSS

May. 2014 - May. 2018

Pear VC

Garage Fellow

Member of the Pear Garage program. Meet with founders around the valley and learn about starting a company from amazing mentors.

Oct. 2017 - June. 2018



Cofounded a small business located in China that builds quality control systems with novel lighting hardware, computer vision and deep learning techniques for spectacle manufacturing. Partnered with Tsinghua Entrepreneur and Executive Club for this project.

Tech: CAD (OnShape), Python, TensorFlow, HTML/JS/CSS

June. 2017 - Sept. 2017


Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Consulting for Starbuck's Siren Ideas. Engineered a scalable geolocation marketing solution based on actionable insights formed from machine learning trained on Starbucks sales data.

Tech: Python, TensorFlow, NumPy

Mar. 2017 - Sept. 2017



Worked on backend and frontend at HealthTap to create tools to better manage HealthTap's checklists. Worked with product team to create a database of "why" information in order to increase patient compliance.

Tech: Rails, Python, HTML/JS/CSS

June. 2016 - Sept. 2016

Polymer Braille

Research Intern

Successfully proved that PVDF bi-morph has a large enough displacement under resonant frequency to be used to build a Braille display. Designed and 3D printed Braille-structures with FDM and SLA 3D printers, wired simple circuits, and controlled everything with an Arduino Mega. Also built the Polymer Braille website.

Tech: Arduino, CAD (OnShape), FDM (3D Printing), SLA (3D Printing), HTML/JS/CSS

June. 2016 - Sept. 2016

Projects / Awards

Stanford Undergraduate Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner

Winner of the Stanford Undergraduate Photo Contest Grand Prize. Featured on the official Stanford Instagram and web pages.

June. 2018

Automatic Image Maps

Automatic Image Maps (AIM) is a web technology that uses object detection to label objects within a photo for the blind and vision-loss community to feel.

Tech: Python, TensorFlow, NumPy, HTML/JS/CSS, Flask

Sept. 2017 - Present


What is it like working with a computer on music? What does artificial intelligence actually look like? Come experience computer generated harmonies with HarmonAI

Tech: C++, OpenGL, TensorFlow, Python, NumPy, HTML/JS/CSS

Nov. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Word Arithmetic

A fun web app that demonstrates how words [vectors] learned from deep learning models like word2vec and GLoVe can be added and subtracted.

Tech: Python, TensorFlow, NumPy, HTML/JS/CSS

Sept. 2017 - Dec. 2017

Eye in Mouth

A fun music visualizer that visualizes the frequency domain with a "face" that transforms when a threshold is met.

Tech: C++, OpenGL, HTML/JS/CSS

Oct. 2017

Building Building Sounds

A fun music sequencer that allows you to be a "city planner" and build buildings. After you are done you can spawn cars that will "play" the buildings you built.

Tech: Unity, C#, HTML/JS/CSS

Oct. 2017

1517 Fund


1517 Fund Grantee, which includes a small 1K grant and access to amazing mentors and a network of students across the globe.

May. 2017


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Stanford fountain in front of Hoover tower
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Red Stanford fountain at night
Night photo of Shanghai
Mongolian huts during the day



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